[Digikam-users] Cancel my request for help!!!

Rinse de Vries rinsedevries at kde.nl
Thu Jun 16 11:53:23 BST 2005

Dear Edith, 

Nice to know that you solved your problem so quickly!!

To figure out how digikam should open your camera, we need to know how it is 
accessed: via gphoto, or as usb mass storage.
According to gphoto's support database, your camera is not supported:
But there is a chance that it is supported by gphoto1...
If gphoto is used to access your camera, then you can open it in Konqueror 
with the command 
You can setup gphoto in kde's control center

If it is a usb mass storage, then Linspire connects it to a devicenode, and 
mounts that devicenode on a directory. After that lphoto checks that 
directory for new pictures.

If that is the case, you can figure out which directory linspire uses to 
access the directory and use that information in digikam.

In the camerasection of digikam, select 'usb mass storage' to do so.

Most distributions mount the camera in a subdirectory of /media

You can check this out as root by typing 
tail -f /var/log/messages
in a konsolewindow
and then connect the camera on your pc.
when the camera is connected, you will see the output of the linux kernel in 
the konsole window, which tells you how linspire handles the device.

> this is to let you know that I no longer have the
> request on "how to" get Digikam to recognize my
> camera,...
> and
> i will use LPhoto to bring in the pictures... and then
> will probably switch back and forth between that
> program and yours for editing and all...
>             thanks anyway !!!   Elsie

Your welome :)
I know that you no longer request a solution, but I post this anyway, so that 
you and others learn some more about Linux and using camera's in linux..


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