[Digikam-users] can't get Digikam to recognize my Casio camera

Edith Ann bozoinfo at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 09:49:23 BST 2005

Today I purchased the Casio EX Z750  Digital camera
because it was listed on the Linspire page of cameras
which Linspire 4.5 and 5.0 supported.  It is not on
the list of your cameras in the Digicam list but I
assumed that since it said it was supported ... that
it probably had some kind of similar engine and would

I had an older camera (a OLD camera that came with my
Earthlink account about 3 or 4 years ago.  I was able
to use it with the program that came with it on my old
windows based computer but could never figure out how
to make it work with Digikam even though i tried
of the cameras in the Digikam list, hoping it might
have the same engine. But No....

wanting to upgrade to a better camera anyway.... i did
lots of research and finally decided on the Casio EX
Z750... which, as I said, seemed to be "compatable"
with Linspire and with Digikam... or so said the page
which listed about 20 cameras... all seemingly new and
which were NOT listed in the Digikam list.

alllll that to say...
I purchased it.... charged it up... took a few
now have spent the last 3 hours trying to get it to
download the pictures into Digikam.  
when I ask Digikam to "find" the camera... it finds
something... and says it is a "USP PTP Class Camera"
and puts that in the "Camera List"...
when i try to get it to download.... i get the message

"failed to initialize camera" 
"please ensure the camera is connected and properly
turned on"
it IS connected
and it IS turned on....
what is the problem....
is this a bug?
     Please    Help me if you can !!!
Do I need a driver or something?  
The CDs that came with the camera are for Windows and
Mac but say nothing about Linspire (of course) so... i
didn't open the CDs....thinking that that long list in
Digikam would have the drivers I need.
Is this true?

Things are never simple.

Can you help?  
If so... please email me at my email address (i didn't

set up the account thing... as i didn't know how to do

my email address is              
                bozoinfo at yahoo.com

thank you verrrrry much...

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