[Digikam-users] Transfer pics from one pc to another, tags too??

Ken Walker kgw at lunar.ca
Sat Jul 16 20:26:09 BST 2005

I have set up a new pc and I am in the process of transfering all my
stuff to it.

The old pc, where I was running digikam 0.7.3-beta2, kipi 0.1.1 on
Mandrake 10.1/kde 3.4.1, is connected on my little lan to my new pc with
runs debian sarge, digikam 0.7.2, same kipi, kde 3.3.2

I have my old pic folder on the mandrake box shared using nfs.

On the new pc, I ran import and imported all of the images.  They seem
to have come across just fine, but my tags didn't.  Is there a way?

By the way, I was pleased to find that on the new box, I plugged my old
HP C618 in and it added with a touch of the autoscan button.  First time
I have had that work nicely on digiKam or anything else for that matter.

Ken Walker, Qualicum Beach, BC
My OpenPGP Key:  https://www.biglumber.com/x/web?qs=0x561ADA409E791EEE

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