[Digikam-users] digiKam and DigikamImagePlugins 0.7.3 released

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at free.fr
Thu Jul 7 09:54:13 BST 2005

digiKam and DigikamImagePlugins 0.7.3 final releases are out for your 
photograph management and correction pleasure.

<<< About digiKam >>>

 digiKam is a digital photograph management application for KDE, which makes 
importing and organizing digital photos a "snap". The photos can be organized 
in albums which can be sorted chronologically, by directory layout or by 
custom collections. Additionally images can be tagged and these tagged images 
can be viewed in virtual albums. 

 An easy to use interface is provided that enables you to connect to your 
camera and preview, download and/or delete your images. 

 digiKam includes a fast Image Editor with a few advanced image editing tools. 
You can use the Image Editor to view your photographs and to make corrections 
and alterations. A stand alone version of image editor named ShowFoto is also 

 Note to packagers : ShowFoto program is independant of digiKam core. digiKam 
is only require during ShowFoto compilation, but ShowFoto program has no 
depency on digiKam.

<<< About DigikamImagePlugins >>>

 DigikamImagePlugins are a collection of plugins for digiKam 0.7.3 Image 
Editor and ShowFoto. These plugins add new image treatment options like color 
management, filters, or special effects.

<<< What's new in digiKam 0.7.3 >>>

+ Showfoto : add image properties dialog like in digiKam, add RMB menu, Move 
to trash/Delete File option, add setup dialog, add new option to toogle 
thumbbar in fullscreen mode, DigikamImagePlugins support, load/unload plugins 
dynamicly in according with setup, add statusbar, add splashscreen support, 
add resize image option, add Print capability, add Key shortcuts and toolbar 
configuration settings, add Edit/copy action, Undo/Redo actions, add showfoto 
icon, GUI improvements.

+ Image filters levels and curves adjustments : add option to see over-exposed	  
pixels in preview effect (like with Acdsee(tm) tools).

+ Image histogram : color guide tool.

+ Image filters levels and curves adjustments : mouse tracking picker color 
like in Gimp and Photoshop(tm).

+ Patch from Alfons Hoogervorst about histogram visible while viewing photo in 
digiKam image editor and showfoto using blending.

+ digiKam Splashscreen from Andreas Fischer.
+ showfoto Splashscreen from Joern Ahrens.

+ Added a history based undo/redo function. The undo/redo icons in the toolbar 
are popup-menus, which describes the actions on the image.

+ Add a new button to the album properties which calculates
the average date of the images in the album based on the EXIF
headers or the modification date of the images if the exif
headers are not available. It sets the date property of the album
to the average date.

+ New digiKam image editor plugin for black and white conversion :
	  - Since digikam include colors channel mixer, using this one for
	  BW conversion. Give best results than old implementation. BW
	  conversion are based on gimpguru.org tutorial
	  - This plugin has a dialog with preview effect.
	  - B&W filters available are :  Neutral B&W, B&W with Green
	  filter(NEW), B&W with Orange filter(NEW), B&W with Red
	  filter(NEW), B&W with Yellow filter(NEW), Sepia, 
	  Brown, Cold, Selenium, Platinum.

Bugs Fix :


<<< What's new in DigikamImagePlugins 0.7.3 >>>

Currently implemented plugins are listed below:

- New plugin 'Blowup Photograph' using CImg library.
- New plugin 'Photograph Inpainting' using CImg library.
- New plugin 'Photograph Restoration' using CImg library.
- New plugin 'WhiteBalance'.
- New plugin 'Texture'.
- New plugin 'Blur FX'.
- New plugin 'Distortion FX'.
- New plugin 'Insert Text'.
- New plugin 'Infrared Film'.
- New plugin 'Channel Mixer'.

- Adjust curves : a tool to adjust the image colors using curves. 
- Adjust levels : a plugin to adjust the image histogram levels manually.
- Despeckle : A noise reduction filter.
- Unsharp Mask : An unsharped mask image filter.
- Free Rotation : a plugin to rotate an image with a free angle in degrees. 
- SolarizeImage : a plugin to solarize an image.
- OilPaint : an oil painting effect filter.
- Emboss : an embossed image effect filter.
- Raindrops : adding the visual effect of raindrops to an image.
- Charcoal : a charcoal drawing image effect filter.
- FilmGrain : simulate film grain to an image.
- LensDistortion : lens distortion correction tool.
- Anti-Vignetting : lens vignetting correction tool.
- Perspective : a tool for adjust photograph perspective.
- ShearTool : a tool for adjust photograph shearing.
- AddBorder : a tool for add decorative border around photograph.
- Superimpose : a tool for superimpose funny template under photograph.

<<< Download >>>

You can download tarballs at these url :


<<< More... >>>

+ digiKam and DigikamImagePlugins is provided with full documentation. You can 
consult current manuals at these url :


+ Fresh screenshots can be seen at these url :


+ If you want more informations about digiKam project, please consult the 
new official web project page available at this url:


Gilles Caulier

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