[Digikam-users] Printing issue

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Tue Jul 5 19:46:00 BST 2005

On Tuesday 05 Jul 2005 18:58, Rinse de Vries wrote:
> Hi,
> Your problem is kinda odd.
> I tried this on my machine (amd 1400, +/- 325 mb ram, hp dj 3820 using
> hpijs) with 30 pictures, 4 per page
> The printwizard is finished within a few minutes and the output postscript
> file is 9,5 mb..

That's more the performance I'd be hoping for (indeed given the different 
machine specs I'd be hoping for better!).  I'm also using hpijs as the 
driver.    The individual picture filesizes on disk are mostly 1.2Mb, some 

I've just tried setting up a print for a single 1.2Mb image, printing it as 
though it was one of four (9x13cm on A4).   Print quality in the Printer 
Properties dialog is set to 'Photo on Photo Paper'.   It took about 45 
seconds (better than last night, but this was only one image!) to produce a 
51Mb file.

> What digikam version do you use?

0.7.2, installed from Mandriva LE2005 discs.  Kipi-plugins from the same 
source.   (This whole thing is on a new LE2005 install, so I don't think it's 
any conflict I've set up!). 

I'm just wondering if the version of Print Wizard is wrong.   Looked at the 
Help->About Print Wizard in the dialogue, and it says 

Print Wizard 0.1.0-cvs using KDE3.4.0

and the copyright says 2003-2004.

However if I select 'letter' paper size it does list the Album Collage 
options, which I didn't think were in there until this year.

David Aldred

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