[Digikam-users] Printing issue

Rinse de Vries rinsedevries at kde.nl
Tue Jul 5 18:58:11 BST 2005


Your problem is kinda odd.
I tried this on my machine (amd 1400, +/- 325 mb ram, hp dj 3820 using hpijs)
with 30 pictures, 4 per page 
The printwizard is finished within a few minutes and the output postscript 
file is 9,5 mb..

I did a second try, with 32 large images (average about 1 mb or more per 
photo), took about 15 sec per page in the printwizard, and the outputfile is 
9.7 MB

What digikam version do you use?


Op dinsdag 5 juli 2005 19:10, schreef David Aldred:
> Setup: AD64-2800 PC (though running 32-bit Mandriva 2005LE Linux), HP
> Deskjet 940c printer, Digikam 0.7.2.
> Sitting on the desk alongside, a WinXP 586-366 machine, with HP Photosmart
> installed, printing through CUPS on the Linux machine.
> I had 28 pictures to print, 4 per page.   Started the process 'in bulk'
> with Digikam Print Wizard, and after about 25 minutes with the Print Wizard
> itself running, and over an hour with no physical output, killed the print
> job.
> Tried a single 4-up page from Digikam.  About 7 minutes of the Print Wizard
> 'generating print data' a 122Mb job turned up in the KDE print manager.  gs
> (Ghostscript, I assume) then took over: 10 minutes of gs using 95-100% of
> processor capacity (according to top).   Finally the printer starts to do
> something.
> Tried another way: ftp the pics over to the WinXP machine, and use the HP
> software.   Within 2 minutes of hitting 'print' a 31Mb job turned up in KDE
> print manager - about 1/4 the size.  The quality was also higher: the HP
> software claims 2400x1200 resolution, and is certainly finer than the Linux
> output.
> Is there anything I can do on the Linux machine to make things happen
> faster - and ideally to generate higher quality output?
> -
> David Aldred
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