[Digikam-users] Missing "Red Eye Reduction" and "Aspect Ratio Crop" in digikam-0.8.0

Jan Scheller digikam at janscheller.de
Fri Dec 30 08:40:06 GMT 2005


my last version of digikam was 0.7.2. Everything was fine. A few days 
ago I downloaded digikam-0.8.0-3.i586.rpm and 
digikamimageplugins-0.8.0-3.i586.rpm from ftp.suse.com (I use SuSE 
Linux 9.3) and installed the packages. Everything  seems to be fine. 
But I am missing "Red Eye Reduction" and "Aspect Ratio Crop" in the 
imageviewer/imageeditor. Of course I activated all possible kipi- and 
imageplugins, I find in the preferences.

I use this packages:


When I downgrade to digikam-0.7.2 and digikamimageplugins-0.7.2 the 
missing tools are available.

Are the tools missing in the version 0.8.0  or do they have new names 
or do the SuSE rpm packages contain not all plugins?

Jan Scheller

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