[Digikam-users] Auto-rotate page in showfoto printer

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Sun Dec 18 12:40:31 GMT 2005

Op zondag 18 december 2005 11:39, schreef Anders Lund:
> > Thanks for this job Anders. I'm happy to see that a new contributor will
> > improve printing functions.
> You are wellcome ;) And I hope more will follow.

Me too. I think printing is important for a lot of users!

> > > The change is added to trunk digikam, if you use that version please
> > > update and test.
> >
> > is this possible to backport easily this job to stable branch ?
> That should be quite easy, I coded it without the DImage stuff, that would
> be similar to branch if i'm not wrong. I'm willing to do the work but i
> haven't a build of branch atm, so maybe someone could test if send a patch
> for branch?

I can take care of that. No need to send a patch, I'll get a diff from svn. 

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