is avplayer broken?

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at
Tue Nov 8 07:08:01 GMT 2022

Hi Steven,

Yes I saw these warnings on the console during migration of QtAV code
in digiKam core.

This is relevant of avplayer implementation which is a puzzle at init.
I tried to fix it but it did not work.
There is a mess in code structure from the QtAV author in fact.
On the other hand, I don't remember seeing this error at digiKam
startup. Right ?


Le mar. 8 nov. 2022 à 08:04, Steven Robbins <steve at> a écrit :
> On Monday, November 7, 2022 1:08:53 A.M. CST Maik Qualmann wrote:
> > Crash is now fixed. But the message comes up that no video renderers are
> > available.
> Thanks!  Indeed no crash.
> But the first output is:
>     QCoreApplication::arguments: Please instantiate the QApplication object
> first
> -- which one can easily fix by moving the declaration to top of main()
> The next output is:
>     Attribute Qt::AA_UseOpenGLES must be set before QCoreApplication is
> created.
> -- this is harder because it comes from set_opengl_backend(), which needs the
> options parsed; however it seems that you need QApplication before parsing the
> options.  (?)
> -- but maybe one doesn't need to force the opengl backend (?) I think Qt
> chooses one dynamically?
> -- I suppressed it by just removing the call to set_opengl_backend()
> After all that, nothing plays because -- as you said -- no video renderers are
> available.
> -Steve

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