Grouping of Unconfirmed Face Results

Kartik Ramesh kartikx2000 at
Thu Jul 16 18:57:47 BST 2020

Hi everyone,

In the past few weeks I've been working on Grouping Unconfirmed Results of
Face Recognition. As was suggested by Maik in a bug report, I decided to
implement categorization of Faces based on the Suggested Names. This
indirectly leads to similar faces being grouped together, as they would
have the same suggested name.

Here's the results :

The results in the Unconfirmed Tags will get split up based on the name
suggested by the Algorithm whereas the Confirmed Tags will get split up
into Unconfirmed and Confirmed results for that person.

There's a lot of implementation details that I would like to mention, but I
will go over those in a later mail. I have committed my changes to my
branch, so feel free to test it over the weekend. Let me know what you
think of this.

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