Reserved memory usage for facial recognition

Nghia Duong minhnghiaduong997 at
Sun Jul 12 12:34:48 BST 2020

I tried to perform K-Nearest algorithm with a binary search directly on
memory and a binary search on the database, with a dataset of about 16000
faces. The one with the KD-Tree on the memory is pretty quick, which takes
about 120ms to recognize a face. The one performed directly on the database
is slower (700ms per search). The current version of SQL driver supported
by Qt doesn't support spatial indexing so I have to implement the binary
search by multiple consecutive queries, so it takes a bit of time.

I estimate that it would take about 10Mb to stock 16000 faces information.
Therefore I think 200Mb cache will be enough to store the entire KD-Tree
structure on RAM for the facial recognition process.

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