Reserved memory usage for facial recognition

Nghia Duong minhnghiaduong997 at
Sun Jul 12 07:27:22 BST 2020

Hi all,

I am testing a spatial database implementation on SQLite for facial
recognition of faces engine. For now, we can perform K-Nearest search on a
table but I am concerned about its performance. For a table of 16000
entries, the search time is about 700ms and it's a little bit slow.
Therefore, I am considering storing a KD-Tree structure directly on memory.
I estimate that the memory needed for a data node is from 512 bytes to 1500
bytes, both on memory and on the database.

I don't know whether it is too much. Could you let me know the amount of
memory that can be reserved for this part of faces engine, please? Thank
you in advance.

Best regards,
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