Digikam. Hiding reference images from similarities search.

Andrew Isakov haidamaka.galaida at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 08:07:08 BST 2020

Dear Digikam developers,

I have already posted a question on SuperUser about this ( 
), but hope, that writing you will shorten the waiting time for me. Here 
is the contents of the question:

Though Digikam provides a nice feature of finding duplicate photos, it 
does not, for what I can see, make it easy to delete duplicates and keep 
original photos. I hope that the function is somewhere there, but I 
could not find it.

How do I hide reference images and display only duplicates to delete them?

I cannot do "Restriction: Exclude reference album", since all of my 
original photos and duplicates are in the same album (folder).

Can you please help me to figure this out?

I have searched the documentation, but found only the sentence: "The 
reference image with its 100 % is /not/ included in the average.", right 
here ( 

I don't understand what is conveyed in it. Is there any options in 
Digikam I should change?

Best regards,

Andrew Isakov


Please fix this link (  https://digikam.org/support/contact/  ) on your 
website. It was not straightforward for me to find this mail address.

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