Plan for the next release 6.2.0

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Tue Aug 6 10:21:57 BST 2019


Thanks for your help.

For a quick starting stage, just download the .md file using the web
interface, and make changes directly in file. Send new revision in this
mailing list. I will review changes and commit diff in git.

If you want to use git, it's more complicated as you need rights to commit
in the repository. You need to ask an account, checkout the repository,
switch to the right branch, make the changes, commit new revision in the
branch, switch to the master branch, and sync master with the last branch
changes. As you can see, it's really more complicated workflow.


Gilles Caulier

Le mar. 6 août 2019 à 10:03, bgillson <bryan at> a écrit :

> I would be happy to do an editing pass on the English version of the 6.2
> However, as a "business guy" and not a "developer guy" I'm
> not familiar with the process of making changes to documents in a git
> repository.
> What would be the most helpful way to send you a revision? (Email a .txt?
> Post here? Stick on Pastebin?) I could certainly use git directly if that's
> best, but would greatly appreciate a pointer to a HOWTO. I googled a bit
> but
> most guides I found focused on Github or were targeted to a different
> audience.
> Thank you.
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