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Wed Apr 17 13:17:15 BST 2019

about the right approach/solution
A) Provide a way for users to create .desktop files,
   which would then be available in the right-mouse button menu
   (but not just within digikam but also in konquerer,
    which can be seen as an advantage, but also as a drawback!).
   Mikolaj, are you thinking of konquerers 
   "File association" configuration here?

B) An additional menu point to which own scripts maybe added
   via a simple interface 
   (visually similar to
   These scripts would just get the currently selected
   images as argument and can do whatever they want with it
   (see #c6 and #c14 above).

C) KROSS scripting:

I think that any discussion about C) should go to bug 146866.
For this wish here, I am personally in favour of B),
while the original wish had something like A) in mind,
if I interpret things correctly.

So what should be done here?

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