Getting started with Digikam Development

Simon Frei freisim93 at
Wed Jun 27 08:24:49 BST 2018

Maybe this can help:
I (mainly) build in debian testing, I guess the procedure should be the
same on Ubuntu:
To avoid manually installing all build dependencies, I use a
"meta-pseudo-package" (no guarantees that all dependencies are necessary
:) ):
As to exiv2: I just manually remove the >=0.26 requirement in the cmake
file. Due to "security" issues 0.26 doesn't make it into debian, even
though upstream has fixed and backported fixes for most/all of them, but
they don't want to make a dot release and debian maintainers don't seem
to want to make a release from git revision and I was too lazy to build
from source :)

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