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Motsu Aboshi motsuaboshi at
Wed Jun 27 01:59:46 BST 2018


I am interested in working on Digikam. In particular, I would like to
contribute effort in the short-term toward:

- PostgreSQL support
- GUI support for multiple network share IDs
- Potentially other misc. improvements that benefit Linux <-> Windows
library sharing

I am attempting to get set up to compile the Digikam master branch on a
recent Ubuntu installation ,but am running into various dependency related
issues (after apt-get build-dep digikam, manual dependency
downloads/installation are needed - for example, the newer version of
exiv2, which is only available in the debian experimental repository).

I was starting to go through the dependency list and manually install
everything, but at this point I'm a bit concerned that I'll end up with a
build environment that conflicts with the current working environments of
the active maintainers.

Would it be possible for an existing contributor to suggest on the ideal
environment to build the current master branch? Is doing a fresh
installation of everything from the DEPENDENCIES list on a non-Ubuntu
distribution the best way to make sure my environment is consistent? The
Linux installation I'm using is to be dedicated to Digikam, so whichever
setup is ideal is fine.

Thanks in advance.

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