Facebook webservice: content access denied

Thanh Trung Dinh dinhthanhtrung1996 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 01:21:06 BST 2018

Gilles, Maik,

I have to reopen this post again, since I got a problem here again with
Facebook for a week and this may affect the 6.0.0 beta release. The problem
is that now I cannot create albums on Facebook via digiKam a anymore.

Back to 22 May, when Maik tested my code for the first time, an album name
"Test2018" was created normally on test user "Dick Albfbdhiehefa Dingleson".
After that I created some other to test and then deleted them. I was also
able to upload photos to those albums, and to no album (indeed an album name
"digiKam photos" will be created automatically if no album is assigned to
uploaded photos).

But now, I cannot create albums anymore. Each time doing that, I got the
error "/content access denied/" again. When inspecting json response from
API call, the error message is "/(#200) Insufficient permission to create
album/" However, thing is stranger when I can still upload photos to
existant albums, and to no album as well. Tracking down commits from 22 May,
after the first 2 commits that I made many changes in fbtalker.cpp, other
commits were mostly about polish or some minor modifications. 

In fact, because of that problem, I can't finish app review. Therefore,
Facebook export tool will not be able to be used in public mode (for users
not tester, admin, etc.).     

So, Gilles, Maik, could you please review my code for Facebook tool? It's
still possible that I made mistakes in codes. Otherwise, do you have any
ideas, suggestions about that problem?

Many thanks.

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