patch: remove kio related legacy

Simon Frei freisim93 at
Tue Oct 31 15:53:59 GMT 2017

I browsed around in tags, dates and gps modules and everything seemed to
work - after all I didn't change anything relevant to it. I only removed
unused code and changed weirdly named mime-types for drag-drop. Drag and
drop still works too.

Sure, we can start a branch for 6. What would be the idea for that? I.e.
what will be included in new 5.x release, what goes into 6? Creating a
branch for 6 just for my changes would be far overkill, this is really

On 31/10/17 10:36, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> I check the patch, and i think it must work. I don't yet tested the
> changes and as KIO is not used anymore, this will work i think. 
> You need to look is no side effect are introduced by these changes,
> especially with all search tools (GPS, date, tags, advanced, faces).
> I recommend to not include this patch in 5.x but later in 6.0, just to
> be sure.
> This want mean that certainly the 6.0.0 branch must be created in git,
> now.
> Important : there is another part not yet removed in database, and
> fully relevant of KIO. 
> The dbus wrapping with database engine exists. The code is typically
> dead and wrapped with a special pre-compiler flag : "HAVE_DBUS"
> grep this string in core/libs/database area. All this code is not
> compiled under Windows and MacOS, as DBUS is not available as stable
> components. digiKam work as expected.
> In fact under Linux, even if code is compiled, the code is never used,
> because KIO slave have been removed. The goal of this code, written by
> Marcel few years ago is to be able to query the DB through KIO slave
> and DBus from multiple local instance of Digikam. One instance run in
> RW mode with the DB, others ones in R mode only. It's a special use
> case of course.
> Marcel can certainly explain better the concept here if necessary.
> Gilles
> 2017-10-30 18:05 GMT+01:00 Simon Frei <freisim93 at
> <mailto:freisim93 at>>:
>     I came across unused code like kioUrls on drag items, outdated
>     mime-names for drag-drop and unused function databaseUrl() on
>     imageInfos. The patch that fixes these issues is attached, it compiled
>     fine. Unless there is any opposition I will push tomorrow.
>     Cheers,
>     Simon

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