[digikam] [Bug 374225] Add possibility to remove face identities by removing tag and remove person tags but preserving the tags themselves [patch]

Mario Frank bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Mon Jan 16 09:26:42 GMT 2017


--- Comment #22 from Mario Frank <mario.frank at uni-potsdam.de> ---
Git commit 511ee541a76d22cef63ac9138dbe6f2cd037f808 by Mario Frank.
Committed on 16/01/2017 at 09:20.
Pushed by mfrank into branch 'master'.

It is now possible to remove tags from people sidebar. This actions are called
"Remove Face Tag" and "Remove Face Tags", respectively.
The adoptions check if multiple face tags in the potential subtrees would be
removed and asks the user for confirmation.
Also, the adoptions tell the user which face tags are connected to images.
The user can choose to remove not only the face tags but also the connection
from the underlying tag to the affected images (untagging).
If he confirms, the metadata is synced to the image files (with
writeToMetadata) directly (if lazy sync is off). If lazy sync is activated, the
changes are enqueued.

Furthermore, in people sidebar, only "Remove Face Tag" and "Remove Face Tags"
can be selected as actions.
I removed "Delete Tag" and "Delete Tags" since these actions should be located
only in tags sidebar.
Otherwise, users may be confused about the semantics. And I think we should
keep functionality where it fits best semantically.
Thus, delete tags in tags sidebar and remove faces in people sidebar.

M  +1    -1    NEWS
M  +22   -0    app/utils/contextmenuhelper.cpp
M  +6    -0    app/utils/contextmenuhelper.h
M  +1    -0    app/views/leftsidebarwidgets.cpp
M  +31   -0    libs/database/coredb/coredb.cpp
M  +10   -0    libs/database/coredb/coredb.h
M  +18   -0    libs/facesengine/facedb/facedb.cpp
M  +1    -0    libs/facesengine/facedb/facedb.h
M  +24   -2    libs/tags/tagfolderview.cpp
M  +9    -0    libs/tags/tagfolderview.h
M  +232  -0    libs/tags/tagmodificationhelper.cpp
M  +39   -0    libs/tags/tagmodificationhelper.h


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