[digikam] [Bug 374225] Add possibility to remove face identities by removing tag and remove person tags but preserving the tags themselves [patch]

Mario Frank bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sat Jan 14 18:59:49 GMT 2017


--- Comment #21 from Mario Frank <mario.frank at uni-potsdam.de> ---
(In reply to caulier.gilles from comment #20)
Hey Gilles,

> To Mario, from comment #18:
> "Finally, I sync the tags metadata to the files - only the tags metadata.
> I get the image info for the files, load the metadata with metadata hub and
> use the function writeTags.
> I hope this is an appropriate way.
> I tested this functionality with showFoto and it worked."
> This want mean that tag are always sync in DB, and in file metadata if
> option is turned on, through MetadataHub ? If yes, it's the right way.
When the user removes some face tag from people sidebar, I ask him if the
association from the images
to the tag shall also be removed (if existent). If he confirms that, I delete
the association of the
tag to the image and sync the new tags for the images from database to the

Like this:
1) Unassign the tag:

2) get the modified image info, i.e. the new metadata:


3) write the new tags to the image file:

> I supose that by "testing with Showfoto" want mean to check metadata
> contents after to change tags inside digiKam. Showfoto do not support
> database and tags from digiKam.
Exactly. After modifying the image in digiKam, i opened the Image in Showfoto
and check the metadata. Result: everything as expected.
> Gilles

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