[digikam] [Bug 374313] wrong icon usage revisited [patch]

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Wed Jan 4 20:03:53 GMT 2017


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>Replace symlinked icons with actual file in windows build (untested)

untested want mean on run-time under Windows ?
did you compiled at least the installer under Linux with MXE ? It's simple, all
i automatized through makeall.sh

>What do you think about replacing all symlinks with actual files in the windows >build as a permanent workaround for this problem?

It must be better, but...

As i explained before, the icons are copie in a single archive as a Qt rcc
file. The rcc file is copied at the right place near digikam.exe. At run time
digiKam check if this file exist and register the archive as source of
ressource of icon.
Rcc file is loaded in memory and it's very fast to get an icon in GUI. Windows
FS is very slow to get small icon file from the system.

>I looked at the build process, but I did not understand whether only the needed >icons or all icons are packaged. If it is all icons, this increases the size >from roughly 47MB to 74MB. 

Probably the file are really copied inside the RCC file.

>Also my proposed patch is untested and there probably is a nicer, less hacky >way to achieve this (if it is a good idea anyway) - I don't know much
>(anything) about cmake.

We have a rcc compiler for icons into project/bundles/mxe/icon-rcc. This one is
a parser of icon files and encapsulate all in RCC archive. look main.cpp, it's
based on C++/Qt. Probably the case of symlinked files must be processed in this


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