[digikam] [Bug 372217] The results of the Duplicates are currently sorted by the image id and sortable by name and count if similars. But it should be sortable by the similarity of the duplicates, too. [patch]

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Thu Nov 10 05:21:19 GMT 2016


--- Comment #3 from caulier.gilles at gmail.com ---
ok forget my previous comment, i forget to apply patch 1 before patch 2...

[gilles at localhost core]$ git reset --hard                                       
HEAD is now at a503172 update                                                   

[gilles at localhost core]$ patch -p1 <
patching file libs/database/haar/haariface.cpp                                  
patching file libs/database/haar/haariface.h                                    
patching file libs/database/item/imagelister.cpp                                
patching file libs/database/item/imagequerybuilder.cpp                          
patching file utilities/fuzzysearch/findduplicatesalbum.cpp                     
patching file utilities/fuzzysearch/findduplicatesalbumitem.cpp                 

[gilles at localhost core]$ patch -p1 <
patching file utilities/fuzzysearch/findduplicatesalbumitem.cpp                 
patching file utilities/fuzzysearch/findduplicatesalbumitem.h                   

[gilles at localhost core]$

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