[Digikam-devel] libkface database maintenance

Tobias Leupold tobias.leupold at web.de
Thu Jul 3 23:37:59 BST 2014

> so you will need an account? Anyway, get one.
> We should review patches of course, but it's much easier if you have your
> account and commit your patches.
I'll try to do so ;-)

> If you add the above method, such hints will need to be added to the
> documentation.
I think it's not really up to me to add the method ;-)

I'm aware that adding the function I proposed at 
https://github.com/l3u/libkface/tree/simple_training will not be the best way 
to train the database, but it will be the easiest way. And -- speaking of my 
current implementation for KPA -- it is what I need (or wished libkface 
provided by default) at the moment.

So, of course, we should add a comment to the API that this is only the "easy" 
way to do some training and one should implement an own data provider. But at 
the moment, the docs are quite minimalistic and a simple ready-to-use function 
to train the database will help newbies (like me) to get into libkface, won't 

A more versatile and elaborate way to do recognition training and database 
maintenance can and will be implemented if it's needed I think.

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