[Digikam-devel] libkface database maintenance

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Jul 3 21:23:26 BST 2014

> > I suppose that you have already an acount to git as developer and you
> > are able to commit this patch to libkface repository. Right ?
> No, I don't have a developer account. I'm quite new to all this ;-)

I suppose kphotoalbum is under the KDE umbrella and hosted on git.kde.org, so 
you will need an account? Anyway, get one.
We should review patches of course, but it's much easier if you have your 
account and commit your patches.

> What about a convenience function for training the recognition database to
> make using libkface simpler? What I was looking for at my very start was a
> function I give some user ID and a picture to learn.

> void train(const Identity& identityToBeTrained,
>            const QImage& face,
>            const QString& trainingContext);

TThe current recognition algorithm fortunately supports incremental training. 
There were earlier attempts which needed all images of an identity for a 
training. The current API is prepared to support this, though it would break 
with multiple-app support and we may never need it.

In any case, we cannot make the assumption that training image-by-image will 
be efficient. The "provider" allows the algorithm to pull what it needs, and 
allows the application to provide data on-demand.

If you add the above method, such hints will need to be added to the 

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