[Digikam-devel] compatibleWithAdobeRGB1998.icc not getting installed

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Wed Nov 20 17:30:19 GMT 2013

Thanks for this observation.
I never noticed it as I have the "regular" Adobe profile installed.
I have committed a slightly simpler fix.

Gilles: The commit you mention removed profiles which were outright wrong and 
should not be used.

> I think compatibleWithAdobeRGB1998.icc is supposed to be installed
> in /usr/share/kde4/apps/libkdcraw/profiles/ when digikam is installed.
> core/libs/dimg/filters/icc/iccprofile.cpp looks for it there (if there is
> not the official AdobeRGB1998 profile somewhere?), and when it doesn't find
> it, files with AdobeRGB colorspace are treated as though there is no
> colorspace encoded in the file (ans they look desaturated)
> I'm not sure if the digikam-libkdcraw should be changed so that this file
> is installed, or if iccprofile.cpp should be changed to look elsewhere for
> an AdobeRGB (or compatible) profile.
> CMakeLists in extra/libkdcraw/profiles only installs files that match
> *.icm, I suggest the following:
> diff --git a/profiles/CMakeLists.txt b/profiles/CMakeLists.txt
> index 7767115..4af3222 100644
> --- a/profiles/CMakeLists.txt
> +++ b/profiles/CMakeLists.txt
> @@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
>  # ============================================================
>  FILE(GLOB icmfiles *.icm)
> +FILE(GLOB iccfiles *.icc)
> -INSTALL(FILES  ${icmfiles}
> +INSTALL(FILES  ${icmfiles} ${iccfiles}
>          DESTINATION ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/libkdcraw/profiles )

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