[Digikam-devel] Question about video metadata handling

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun May 26 17:28:44 BST 2013

> two questions about video metadata handling:
> Current schema of VideoMetadata:
> CREATE TABLE VideoMetadata
>                              (imageid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
>                              aspectRatio TEXT,
>                              audioBitRate TEXT,
>                              audioChannelType TEXT,
>                              audioCompressor TEXT,
>                              duration TEXT,
>                              frameRate TEXT,
>                              exposureProgram INTEGER,
>                              videoCodec TEXT);
> 1. Video metadata is stored as text in the database, even things like
> audioBitRate, duration and frameRate. Is this intentional? Can we change
> it to REAL to avoid string-to-real conversions needed for locale-aware
> display of the data and for sorting?
> 2. The aspect ratio of videos is also stored in the database, although
> the width and height are also available, which means that the aspect
> ratio could simply be calculated. This information is also displayed
> twice in digikam, once for image properties and once for video
> properties. Is there a special reason to store the aspect ratio like
> this or can we remove it?

This was produced during GSoC. I did not really check the necessity and choice 
of the fields, I relied on the student.
I am sure you have valid points here; the problem is any schema change would 
drop compatibility, which means we should only do it in the future together 
with a schema update necessary for other reasons.

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