[Digikam-devel] Question about video metadata handling

Michael G. Hansen mike at mghansen.de
Sun May 26 13:04:24 BST 2013


two questions about video metadata handling:

Current schema of VideoMetadata:
CREATE TABLE VideoMetadata
                             (imageid INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,
                             aspectRatio TEXT,
                             audioBitRate TEXT,
                             audioChannelType TEXT,
                             audioCompressor TEXT,
                             duration TEXT,
                             frameRate TEXT,
                             exposureProgram INTEGER,
                             videoCodec TEXT);

1. Video metadata is stored as text in the database, even things like 
audioBitRate, duration and frameRate. Is this intentional? Can we change 
it to REAL to avoid string-to-real conversions needed for locale-aware 
display of the data and for sorting?

2. The aspect ratio of videos is also stored in the database, although 
the width and height are also available, which means that the aspect 
ratio could simply be calculated. This information is also displayed 
twice in digikam, once for image properties and once for video 
properties. Is there a special reason to store the aspect ratio like 
this or can we remove it?

Best regards,


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