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Ingo Malchow imalchow at kde.org
Mon Mar 18 13:30:54 GMT 2013

Dear digikam devs,

As one of the forum admins i was made aware we have a lot of topics about 
digikam [1], so the question was made why don't we just setup a dedicated 
forum area for digikam. Note, gwenview also has its own area. ;)
We wouldn't do this without the agreement of your team and also offer you to 
provide one (or more, of course) moderators for your area. 
If you like to have it, just provide us a possible structure for subforums you 
would like to see. Can be nested as you wish.

Ingo Malchow

[1] http://forum.kde.org/viewforum.php?f=19

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