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Gowtham Ashok gwty93 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 07:33:44 GMT 2013

Hello DigiKam Developers,

I am Gowtham Ashok (IRC:gwty) , a 2nd year CS undergrad at Madras Institute
of Technology, Chennai,India.
I would like to be a contributor to digiKam, and possibly do a GSoC project
on the same[was thinking on the lines of Cloud Integration Export Plugin].
Relevant things I have done:
-made non-trivial QT C++ application with QT Creator.
-compiled and run digiKam from anongit source.

*What I want to do*
Mr.Caullier suggested me to look at the Small Projects to Introduce
Students(from digikam-users mailing list).
I would like to work on removing the internal Clapack Library.
To my understanding, the Clapack Library is used in the Sharpen filter to
perform matrix operations.
The problem found was the requirement of an additional library
Clapack(which depended on Fortran), when a better library(Eigen), which
used pure C++ Code was available.

Please correct me if I am wrong, and suggest me what I have to do next.

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