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--- Comment #27 from Peter Albrecht <px79 at crazymonkeys.de> ---
Since "call custom, external scripts from digikam" came up on the mailing list,
I stumbled upon this bug. As far as I would say, this wish is still not
fulfilled with digikam / kipi-plugins in version 3.1.0. (KDE 4.10.3, gentoo

In comment #22 Gilles mentions: "There is a file in B.K.O about this subject"
Does anyone know this issue's id?

My current workaround (excerpt from mailing list):
  ------------------------------------------ 8<
Digikam does have an "Open With" context menu entry.
So in the directory "~/.local/share/applications" I added a
file "myAction.desktop".

  --------------------- 8< ---------------------
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=myAction
> GenericName=Cool photo tool
> Comment=some comment to set
> Icon=resizeimages
> Exec=/usr/bin/konsole --noclose -e perl /usr/local/bin/myAction.pl %F
> Type=Application
> MimeType=image/jpeg
> Terminal=false
  --------------------- >8 ---------------------
------------------------------------------ >8

This works well. But it does not feel to be correct. ;)

I first thought of dolphins "service menu", too. Since dolphin and digikam both
are KDE products, I expected similar behaviour. But while reading the comments
of this wish, I realized that keyboard-shortcuts would be very handy. And this,
as far as I known, can't be done with "service menu entries". So I personally
would like the solution, mentioned in comment #14, to be implemented.

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