[Digikam-devel] Moving from Kate to KDevelop

Benjamin Girault benjamin.girault at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 12:24:39 BST 2013


2013/8/7 smit <smit.meh at gmail.com>:
> I would like to shift my entire workflow from Kate to KDevelop4. But I am
> facing a lot of issues. Like, I don't have permission to "install" stuff
> from KDevelop. Debugging doesn't work, always gives me a seg fault. So if
> someone works on 'digikam-software-compilation' totally from KDevelop,
> kindly guide me to set it up properly.

I am using KDevelop to work on digiKam and Kipi, and It's really wonderful ;o)

I guess the problem with the install is that it tries to do a "make
install" with the default options, which may be to install in
/usr/local or /usr. You need to be root to do that. In Project ->
Configuration -> Make, you should have the option to install as root
(which I never tried).

If you want to change that, you can configure the CMake options, in
Project -> Configuration -> CMake. You can click on the "+" button to
add a target and set the build directory and at the bottom the options
to pass to cmake. You will find options in the digikam-sc/bootstrap.*
(especially bootstrap.local where the root directory for the
installation is changed). Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to
change the CMake options of a build from within digiKam (it's possible
to do it by modifying the configuration files of the project in .kdev4
of your project root directory, but doing so may require to remove the
build directory for a fresh recompilation).

I'm not using debugging, so I cannot help you with that, sorry.

About the includes added by KDevelop Veaceslav was talking about, it's
mostly when the parser cannot find an object, and find another one in
the system directories. First of all, if the project is compiled it
helps removing most of those unresolved object from KDevelop parser
(hit F5 on a file already opened if something is not found by the
parser after compilation, it will trigger the parsing again). If this
is not enough, KDevelop does not add the includes without telling you,
you just have not to hit "Enter" when a popup suggesting the addition
of the include appears.

Welcome to digiKam development with KDevelop ;o)


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