[Digikam-devel] SQLite broken in git

Francesco Riosa francesco at pnpitalia.it
Wed Sep 7 12:53:27 BST 2011

On 09/07/11 12:46, Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
>> Hem, then I need to change the logic, at this moment it's teorically
>> possible to have separate engines for images and thumbnails, for example
>> a centralized mysql database for images and a local sqlite database for
>> thumbnails.
> I understand, that makes sense
>> If avoiding conversion is paramount then we should revert, discuss the
>> wanted logic and then I can adapt it, so what re your suggestions?
> I guess it's probably one bug: With SQLite, we store the path but not the filename, because the filename is constant. There has always been code which adds the filename if only a directory is specified. I believe this must be broken at some place (but I'm at work currently, cannot have a look at the code)

It's more probably something I've introduced dumping all the changes 
from the sql/2.0 branch and re-applying to master.

But now I'm switching to "daughter" mono tasking, will be on this after 
22:00 CET

- Francesco

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