[Digikam-devel] [Bug 267131] Digikam config and data cannot be moved, absolute paths embedded in database and digikamrc

Ilia K. mail4ilia at gmail.com
Wed May 4 02:14:12 BST 2011


--- Comment #5 from Ilia K. <mail4ilia gmail com>  2011-05-04 03:14:10 ---
Be UUID I actually meant any unique string used to replace path to collection
in a stored file path. For example instead of
one could store

Later (while fiddling with bug #272301 ) I discovered you made it even better
by storing relative path only ("/album1/file.jpg") along with a collection key
pointing to the relevant collection in AlbumRoots. Great!

However, this hasn't solved the problem for digikam thumbnails database. It
still stores the absolute paths. It's probably better to store relative path
there as well and make the client (digikam) prefix it by a collection
root. Since this information is stored in another database, it's probably
better to refer to it by some long identifier (e.g. random UUID) instead of
just a number (AlbumRoots primary key id). Being unique, AlbumRoots.identifier
may suit this. So a new AlbumRootsRef table may be added to thumbnails DB with
two columns only: int id, longtext reference. The later will hold
AlbumRoots.identifier or alike and the former may be referenced in FilePaths
table like it's done now in Albums table in the main DB.

But thumbnails DB is not the most important issue here. Currently AlbumRoots
allows only one path to collection root (specificPath). But two different
users may have the same collection under different paths. In DB layer this can
be handled this way for example:
- remove AlbumRoots.specificPath column
- add new table AlbumRootPaths with 3 columns
  - int albumRoot
    refers to AlbumRoots primary key
  - longtext user
    refers to specific digikam instance. This value is a single constant per
    client and is stored in local digikam config. May use UUID here too.
  - longtext specificPath
    path to collection root as accessed by specific digikam client

Now to access an album one should JOIN between Albums, AlbumRoots and
AlbumRootPaths WHERE AlbumRootPaths.user is equal to the string provided by
the current client.

BTW, this way we need not rely on "good" UUID supplied by KIO/OS/whatever as
long as a path does not change (as seen by the same client).

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