[Digikam-devel] [Bug 267131] Digikam config and data cannot be moved, absolute paths embedded in database and digikamrc

Ilia K. mail4ilia at gmail.com
Mon May 2 03:58:51 BST 2011


--- Comment #3 from Ilia K. <mail4ilia gmail com>  2011-05-02 04:58:21 ---
cont. of comment #2

Legend for the ASCII mockup:
- [LOC] Icon for local collection + a tooltip:
       "Local Collection, directly stored on your computer hard disk"
- [MED] Icon for removable media collection + a tooltip:
       "Collection on Removable Media, such as CD, DVD and USB drives"
- [NET] Icon for network shares collection + a tooltip:
        "Collection on Network Shares, such as NFS and Samba/CIFS"
- [Add] add button (e.g. a standard green plus icon or the word "Add"),
        a tooltip: "Add this collection to your Digikam"
- [Del] delete button (e.g. a standard red X icon, or the word "Delete"),
        a tooltip: "Remove this collection from the database.
        This will not remove the files, but this collection will disappear
        from your Digikam and Digikam of *all other users* which use this
- [Add new collection...] a button with the obvious purpose

When there are no collections in the second table the whole table along with
the preceding description can be replaced by a simple (probably, grayed out)
message: "No other collections are configured in your database".

The interaction with the dialog.

[Add new collection...]
starts a dialog/wizard of the same name which allows user to specify:
1. Path
2. Type
3. Short name
After choosing a path, short name and type can be guessed by digikam, but
allowed to be changed.

starts the same dialog/wizard as [Add new collection...], but short name is
not editable and type is preselected to [NET] or [MED] according to DB data.
A hint of paths at other user's machines is displayed. Possible addition: "try
this path" button near each item to choose the same path locally.
Anyway, after user chooses a local directory some sanity check may be done in
order to ensure consistency between DB and the chosen path.

opens a confirmation dialog.
If collection to be deleted is locally bound and there are other DB users,
allow 3 options:
  1. Delete from this Digikam only
  2. Delete from this Digikam and Digikam of all other users (delete from DB)
  3. Cancel
If collection is not used locally, display options 2 & 3 only.
If DB is not shared, display options 1 & 3 only.

The above dialog mockup illustrates the following situation.
- Alice, Bob and Carol share the same DB.
- Alice has added her local ~/Pictures
- Alice or Carol has added removable card mounted at /media/NIKON D90
- Alice has added network share mounted at /mnt/server/photos
- Card has added the same network share mounted at his computer at
- Bob has added his local ~/Pictures
- Bob opened the said dialog

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