[Digikam-devel] [Bug 230060] Delete Album is an absolutely terrifying procedure

Kelsey Bjarnason kbjarnason at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 04:56:49 GMT 2010


--- Comment #4 from Kelsey Bjarnason <kbjarnason gmail com>  2010-03-26 05:56:48 ---
Actually, what I did was:

1) Create a folder structure of images
2) Tell digikam to build an album there
3) Moved the files elsewhere
4) Told digikam to delete the now empty album

The issue I have is that there is a *huge* difference between "delete digikam's
notions of what is in an album, such as meta tags, descrptions, etc" and
"delete the actual files off the disk".

Digikam doesn't want to simply delete its *own* data, it wants to nuke
everything it can find.

That is such indescribably bad behaviour for an application I can't imagine how
it would ever have made it into a first draft spec, let alone an implementation
- yet experiments show this is _exactly_ what it does - it summarily nukes
everything it can.

Hands off my files, dammit.  If I wanted it to delete all my files, I'd have
said so, say by selecting "delete all files".  Not by selecting "delete album"
which, from how the UI works, suggests only removal of digikam's own data.

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