[Digikam-devel] libface integration

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sun Mar 21 16:26:14 GMT 2010

Am Sonntag, 21. März 2010 schrieb Aditya Bhatt:
> Hi Everyone!
> @Marcel
> Hi, you can checkout the code for libface from this svn repo:
> svn co https://libface.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libface libface
> As of now, only jpg images are supported, and supporting other common
> formats is a very simple matter involving only a handful of lines of code.

Don't implement your own image loader - accept loaded image data.

What is the configuration data for which you accept a directory? Which options 
are set there, and from whom? Or is this where the training data is stored?

I also see a hardcoded path to opencv installation, which is something which 
will break in real-life...

> Since we tried to be API-agnostic in libface, 

We will want a nice Qt-based layer, but I dont see any problems right now why 
this shouldn't be possible on-top.

> the only way to load an image
> for detection was to load it from the filesystem. So we'll have to make a
> variant of libface exclusively for digiKam, but it shouldn't be much work,
> only changing one or two functions. But I can do this only after I get
> familiar with digiKam's API, which I can start after about 5 days (I have
> exams).

We dont have an API in a strict sense ;-) We are rather built on a platform, 
which is Qt/KDE.

> Apart from the above quirks, I guess we have all we need to integrate this
> into digiKam. Even after integration, I and Alex can continue working on
> the plugin separately, of course.
> As for the image tagging widget, there is one in nepomuk playground repo,
> but it has build errors and seems to be abandoned. I talked with someone
> named "urkud" on nepomuk's IRC, and It seems that he is the developer. He
> himself said I shouldn't use that widget, and added that he would be
> committing fresh code for peopletag in his gitorious account soon :
> http://gitorious.org/~urkud1
> I haven't made many custom widgets, but someone must have made such a thing
> so I'll google for now :)
> And about the face fingerprint database : that'll be stored in a different
> file, as it will be huge in size :)

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