[Digikam-devel] libface integration

Aditya Bhatt adityabhatt1991 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 15:28:51 GMT 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hi, you can checkout the code for libface from this svn repo:

svn co https://libface.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/libface libface

As of now, only jpg images are supported, and supporting other common
formats is a very simple matter involving only a handful of lines of code.
Since we tried to be API-agnostic in libface, the only way to load an image
for detection was to load it from the filesystem. So we'll have to make a
variant of libface exclusively for digiKam, but it shouldn't be much work,
only changing one or two functions. But I can do this only after I get
familiar with digiKam's API, which I can start after about 5 days (I have

Apart from the above quirks, I guess we have all we need to integrate this
into digiKam. Even after integration, I and Alex can continue working on the
plugin separately, of course.

As for the image tagging widget, there is one in nepomuk playground repo,
but it has build errors and seems to be abandoned. I talked with someone
named "urkud" on nepomuk's IRC, and It seems that he is the developer. He
himself said I shouldn't use that widget, and added that he would be
committing fresh code for peopletag in his gitorious account soon :

I haven't made many custom widgets, but someone must have made such a thing
so I'll google for now :)

And about the face fingerprint database : that'll be stored in a different
file, as it will be huge in size :)

Aditya Bhatt
My Blog : http://adityabhatt.wordpress.com
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