[Digikam-devel] [Bug 146288] Face detection / recognition for digikam

Aditya Bhatt adityabhatt1991 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 09:26:44 GMT 2010


--- Comment #99 from Aditya Bhatt <adityabhatt1991 gmail com>  2010-03-19 10:26:15 ---

I'm Aditya, a 2nd year student doing my Bachelors in Information and
Communication Tech.
My favorite fields of work are pattern recognition, image processing and
computational math.
I'm mostly self-taught in image processing, and also have some knowledge of
neural networks. I'm familiar with PCA for dimensionality reduction.

I'm familiar with svn, git and hg version control.
I have some familiarity with clustering algorithms and eigenfaces. Fisherfaces,
I'm learning.

I know how to work with Qt fairly well. I also have a very basic knowledge of
KDE libraries - which I hope to improve as soon as my exams (a week later) end.

I've been working with Alex Jironkin on his libface project on sourceforge for
a while now, and would like to continue working on it over the summer as part
of GSoC 2010. I also want to start digiKam hacking soon to integrate this for
tagging as described in the GSoC ideas page. I'm already working on a people
tagging widget of my own, although I plan to scrap it and start working on the
widget in KDE's svn repo as soon as svn:// port gets unblocked in my college
:'(. ( I currently commit to libface over https:// )

I'd love it if Alex can be my mentor. And I'd also like the mentorship of one
of the digiKam core devs for integrating this into the digiKam interface, and
it's tagging database. It'd be nice to get this merged into digiKam before the
end of the summer, and I'd like to work on digiKam too in the future - so I
consider this a stepping stone.

Post-GSoC, I'd like to work on KIPI and digiKam's "fuzzy" algorithms, as that
is my field of interest.

I look forward to your replies soon :)


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