[Digikam-devel] [Bug 148540] Improvements of adding noise tool

Julien Narboux Julien at narboux.fr
Thu Mar 18 13:38:06 GMT 2010


--- Comment #40 from Julien Narboux <Julien narboux fr>  2010-03-18 14:37:58 ---

Concerning settings I agree, we can add a checkbox. We could also make the iso
setting start at 0, and disable the shadow/midtones/highlights sliders if iso
is set to 0.

>The result are not very nice about Chrominance (over-saturated). Something is
>wrong somewhere, perhaps in DColor::getYCbCr(), DColor::setYCbCr(), or in
>filter as well. I don't know yet. Investigations are require.

To test DColor::getYCbCr(), DColor::setYCbCr(), you can just remove the call to
randomize to see if we get the same picture. I don't have a decent computer to
test at the moment and I will be busy this week and week-end


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