[Digikam-devel] Re: Git migration and submodules

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Wed Dec 22 09:27:46 GMT 2010

> The structure on projects.kde.org will also be used to create the KDE SC
> releases. So for example even if modules like kdeedu or kdegames are
> split up into several git repositories, the KDE SC release will still
> ship a kdeedu.tar.bz2 (at least thats the current plan as far as I
> know) that assembles all of the sources of the various repositories.

Creating tarballs is fine for the main KDE modules, but in digikam we have a 
slightly different problem: There is one application with a number of 
dependencies, which will be spread out over 7 repos.

We would like to give the user one repository which, when cloned, has all the 
code necessary and builds just out of the box.
It's not about tarballs or releases, it's about users who want to run latest 
Git code to see if their problem was fixed by a commit.

There will be additionally some very lightweight CMake glue and a README file 
in this toplevel directory, and these file also need to have a place 

The problem is that git submodules dont track the latest HEAD of the 
referenced repos. The issue is discussed here:


but, unfortunately, and although you'll find patches with Google, not 
implemented by git as of yet.
So currently it seems git-submodules is insufficient for our needs and it's 
necessary to provide a script in the toplevel directory which pulls all sub-


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