[Digikam-devel] Windows and Linux Frontend using the same database

Tobias Kaminsky tobias at kaminsky.me
Sun Dec 19 11:12:34 GMT 2010


I have one database and three frontends. Frontend#2 is on Windows.
Therefore I have two entries in AlbumRoots:
4 fotos 0 3 networkshareid:?mountpath=%2Fmnt%2Fraid%2Ffotos /
5 fotos 0 3 networkshareid:?mountpath=Y:%2F /

All albums are now stored twice:
372     4     /unsortiert/Neuer Ordner     2010-07-11     NULL     NULL
605     5     /unsortiert/Neuer Ordner     2010-07-11     NULL     NULL

As you can see 4/5 is the AlbumRoots.id.
The problem is that, if I add a tag to one image on Windows the image is
related to album.id=605.
Linux does not recognize the tag as the same image is stored in

The solution would be a "meta"-album which contains both albumRoots so
one image is always in the same album.
This would look something like this:

Image=300 --> Meta-Album=1
Meta-Album=1 --> AlbumRoots=1 AND AlbumRoots=2 (1:n relation)
Album-Roots=1: Linux: /mnt/raid/fotos
Album-Roots=2: Win: Y:\

Additional there must be a test if digikam should use Album-Roots=1 or

Or is there some built-in feature that I have missed?

Thank you for your great app!
Tobias Kaminsky

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