[Digikam-devel] digiKam workflow - after holidays

Julien Narboux Julien at narboux.fr
Mon Mar 30 19:32:30 BST 2009

Mikolaj Machowski a écrit :
> Hello,
> I'd like to address some aspect of usability we don't talk much about
> here: complete workflow profile. There are many requests "implement that
> - it will improve workflow/usability" but it almost always touches only
> one point of working with image(s) not complete workflow from importing
> of image to database to final output.
> I specially used vague terms like "importing of image" and "final
> output" because in some workflows importing isn't done from camera and
> final version can be very different.
> I will present what I am doing with my images, what is bothering me with
> current digiKam possibilities. I hope other people will step up and
> describe they workflows. In the end will should be able to synthesize
> several base workflows and ask for functionalities which would benefit
> wide audience of users.
> Profile: After vacation
> =======================
> I was on ten day vacation in Rome with my SO (it was her birthday gift).
> We've had 2 cameras, since she isn't much technical person I am handling
> all "after" functions. Also noticed that many other couples had two
> cameras so this isn't rare scenario.
> Downloading of photos
> ---------------------
> Hook up cameras to USB cable, detection of hardware is right, no
> problems here. digiKam detects new photos on my camera, cannot find on
> second one. 
> First wish: digiKam should keep account for various cameras
> which photos were downloaded and which not. Such feature will not only
> benefit persons which handle cameras of various people but also people
> with multiple cameras or cards read from card reader.

For my personnal workflow the downloading phase could be improved. Most 
of the time , I download all new picture which are on the memory card. I 
do not need to actually see the thumbnail. That would be nice if showing 
the list of thumbnail would be an option because otherwise one has to 
wait for all the thumbnail to be downloaded before downloading the pictures.
The import dialog could be modified to give three choices:
- download all new pictures
- download all pictures
- download a selection

The list of thumbnail would be displayed only if we select "download a 
Another solution would be to allow importing picture even if all 
thumbnails have not been downloaded.

This is a small detail which would improve usability in my opinion.

Best wishes,


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