[Digikam-devel] Moving 0.11 to trunk

Andi Clemens andi.clemens at gmx.net
Mon Mar 23 18:16:10 GMT 2009

On Monday 23 March 2009 19:05:23 Marcel Wiesweg wrote:
> Hi,
> I feel we are waiting for this to be done.
> There was this huge KUrl toLocalFile() patch. Gilles, has this been ported
> to 0.11? If not, I might give it a try with git's cherry-pick.
> Andi, what's your status on your local git trees?

Don't wait for me, I will update my branches somehow. I had no time to work on 
them so I will merge them with the new trunk later on.

> It seems there is no release tag done for 0.10.0 final (or any other
> release since 0.10.0-beta2), at least not in tags/digikam, or am I missing
> something? No problem, can still be done!

Yes we are very inconsistent with the tags :-) But they can be created easily.

> If this done, and we have checked all changes in trunk/ since the point in
> time the tarballs were created, are ported to the 0.11 branch, we need to
> remove trunk (delete?) and move 0.11 in its place, am I right about this?

Yes, we should remove trunk and copy the branch in there. Merging will fail, I 
tried all kind of merge strategies with GIT (octupus, recursive....) all 
Since we have backported everything from trunk (I hope so at least), we can 
just copy the 0.11 branch.
This is the easiest solution... does anybody see problems with this strategy? 


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