[Digikam-devel] Find Duplicates: exclude or include albums?

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Jun 11 15:37:14 BST 2009

> I have some problems with the AlbumSelectCombobox:
> When you move the mouse over the albumtree in there, the view begins to
> scroll sometimes, like when you are using the mouse wheel.
> This is also true for the advanced search dialog, so I guess it is not my
> setup but a general problem.
> Marcel,
> any idea what could be wrong here? It is sometimes hard to select an album
> when the view just scrolls around.
> I have looked at the code, but still all this modelview stuff is a bit
> strange for me :D

It must be some automatic scrolling, initiated by the Qt view classes. My guess is this:

    \property QAbstractItemView::autoScroll
    \brief whether autoscrolling in drag move events is enabled

    If this property is set to true (the default), the
    QAbstractItemView automatically scrolls the contents of the view
    if the user drags within 16 pixels of the viewport edge. If the current
    item changes, then the view will scroll automatically to ensure that the 	<---
    current item is fully visible.

    This property only works if the viewport accepts drops. Autoscroll is
    switched off by setting this property to false.
void QAbstractItemView::setAutoScroll(bool enable)

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