[Digikam-devel] [Bug 149485] Advanced image resize for the digikam editor

Julien Narboux Julien at narboux.fr
Thu Jun 4 17:47:41 BST 2009


--- Comment #208 from Julien Narboux <Julien narboux fr>  2009-06-04 18:47:30 ---

We have small problem, the current implementation is not thread safe and we
will need a thread safe implementation in the future when lqr resizing is used
inside the batch queue manager. The reason it is not thread safe is the
presence of static functions for the progress bar. 

Gilles told me that the solution is to put the static method in the private
class: ContentAwareResizerPriv
This can not be done right now because Lqr use C style to access those

The solution is to add another argument of type void* to send the address of
the private class and then do a static cast.
In the Gimp Lqr plugin this void* would be NULL as you do not need it becasue
it is pure C.

You can see how Gilles solved the same problem for another C library here:


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