[Digikam-devel] [Bug 136206] Losing tags after an move or rename of imagefiles

Kay Drangmeister kay at drangmeister.net
Fri Jun 27 21:28:05 BST 2008

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Thanks, Arnd.

Please have a look into the digiKam manual (digikam_0.9.3.pdf), page 5 (9) "The Albums Missing Dialog", it says:

"If you want to move folders around, and do not want to do this in digiKam, we suggest to do that while digiKam is running, so the database will be kept in sync and you do not lose any metadata".

This (although about folders, not images) suggests that digiKam IS able to keep the FS and the DB in sync. Sorry for my assuming so.

So for being safe, it would be very much suggested that *everything* is being stored in the image files, right? Is there any data that cannot be saved this way? I am currently "horrified" that some information is stored only in the DB and a simple move/rename can cause severe data loss. (I've got a big image base and are searching for a safe way to save it, i.e. any metadata must be exportable (xml preferred) in case there's another tool available to migrate to in say 20 years :-)


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