[Digikam-devel] Digikam for KDE4 not finding kipi-plugins

Vardhman Jain vardhman at gmail.com
Sun Jun 15 16:12:50 BST 2008

Hi ,
   I have been trying to get kipi-plugins to show up in the digikam kde4
version but had no luck yet. This is what I have done till now:

1) followed standard procedure to get the SVN/KDE4 version of digikam and
kipi-plugins from KDE svn (as mentioned in digikam site))
2) compiled and installed kipi-plugins
3) compiled and installed digikam

Launcing digikam I can't see anything in the File->Export menu and
Configuration show 0 kipi plugins found.

So I tried playing with some library paths adding /usr/local/lib/kde4 to
LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then launching digikam: No help.

Installing kipi-plugins in /usr/lib using the  "cmake .
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PATH=/usr/lib" command and then launching digikam, no luck

Could someone suggest what I should try to get it to work ?

Blogs: http://vardhman.blogspot.com
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