[Digikam-devel] 0.10.0 too slow to use

Jasper Mackenzie jasper at treshna.com
Mon Jan 21 20:26:52 GMT 2008

Good day all,
  I have been trying to use digikam 0.10.0 to manage the images on my file  
server, connected to my laptop by fast-ethernet, using nfs mounted folders.
  There are a number of things that are making it basically unusable at  
this stage:

On startup digikam setsup inotify watches on all directories. There are  
many, many directories so this takes about five minutes. There seem to be  
less images tahtn I thought, maybee 15-20K.
   Is there some other way. As I suggested in a wish, it would be good if  
it could be set that digikam didnt monitor certain directories.
Rescanning the images takes a few hours....

Thumbnails take forever to load/generate, and when in an album view, even  
a modest sized folder with ~200 images the system slows to a crawl with  
100% cpu use. The machine is getting on, 2.4Ghz P4 with 512M ram.
  If I scroll down, then up again, the thumbnails at the beginning of the  
folder have become grey and take a few minutes to become icons again.
With GQview which is what Ime migrating from, I dont experience high  
cpu/mem overheads to display thumbnails

Crashing... Digikam crashes if multiple images are selected, then right  
clicked on. It crashes sometimes when modifying tags.

Exif Rotation... What a great feature! I love it...
  If I modify the exif rotation, then at a later point add comments or  
tags, the exif orientation is reverted somehow.. weird.

There are a few more things that I think would make digikam even more  
fantastic, do I append them here or start a new thread?

Thank you.


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