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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
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2008/11/29 Angelo Naselli <anaselli at linux.it>

> Hi, i will test on kde 4.2 asap, but in kde 4.1.x printing
> sucks a bit.
> I've found some problems in setting my data on QPrinter.
> I mean set and get seems to say the same, and that means
> my date is stored correctly somewhere, but as soon as i
> open QPrintDialog all seems to be restored to default.
> That could be not a problem, if you don't have to set up
> anything from that dialog (i can't say that because i always
> have to do something), but as soon as you touch anything
> there all that is shown is also set up.
> I seem i can't print bordless, but that could be a wrong way in which i
> draw image on QPainter, since i've seen GwenView does (well it can't crop
> and so it's hard to see a real bordless printout). Anyway to do that I
> always
> need to touch settings since HP leave a different printout setting for
> fullbleed, and that overwrites my setting or some of them.
> I believe i need help here. Probably porting printing support on digikam
> is easier, since it is similar to gwenview...

yes, sound like similar. To be clear, original KDE3 printing code been
inspired from Kuickshow code plus later your personal code inspired from
GWenview. Kuickshow has already ported to KDE4 here :


> but printwizard is another

> story.

Sure. it's more complex. perhaps to port digiKam printing code is a fine way
to learn new Qt4 printing API.

> We can try two things, avoid QPrintDialog and make our own one,
> i've tried something but i don't know how to get data change signal :(

> Or we can avoid wizard for printer output and read settings before
> choosing page layout and, if needed, cropping. All of that inside
> QPrintDialog Tabs or making wizard starting after pushing print
> button on QPrintDialog. Again i can't understand how to get
> value changing from QPrintDialog anyway. ...
> Any idea?

well, look in kuickshow code. it's really a good ex to start

> I will be out tonight, but i will be very happy to talk about that
> somewhere
> in irc maybe...

Or in this ML if somedody has already played with printing code...

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